The Colorful Tie-Dye Village

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In the tie-dye art village, Weishan, a county in Dali, Yunnan Province, an array of tie-dye products reveal the charm of traditional art. In 2008, Weishan tie-dye was listed in the National Intangible Cultural Heritage. Today, it is still beautiful scenery of Weishan.

On the production line of Weishan Sanyi Tie-Dye Industry & Trade Limited Company, tie-dye products combining traditional culture and creative arts were produced through new technologies with intellectual property rights. Li Min, the general manager of the company told the reporter that through the improvement and utilization of traditional methods of tie-dye in tying, dyeing and bleaching, the company developed a number of innovative technologies, and invention patents like "a plant companion staining" were granted. Innovative technology allows intangible cultural heritage to enter into everyday life, and help Yi folk handicrafts step into the modern life from the past.

According to the introduction, during the past 30 years since founded, Weishan Sanyi Tie-Dye Industry & Trade Limited Company has been holding the concept of inheritance and innovation, and renewing the traditional folk art. Currently, the "Sanyi" trademark has been identified as "Yunnan Famous Trademark" for three consecutive years, and its products have been sold to the entire world.

"Our patented dyeing technology not only enhances the color performance and reduces operating procedures, but also reduces the production costs and increases the diversity of colors." Li Min proudly told reporters while pointing to the dyeing vessel on the production line. The tie-dye products of today have more diverse flower mouth, more colors, and maintain local characteristics and ethnic characteristics of traditional cloth. Through the power of intellectual property, the traditional technologies of the intangible cultural heritage renewed its life.