Jesper Kongstad: Step Up Cooperation and Share Development Experience

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BEIJING, Mar. 16 (China IP News) -- "China has made large progress in implementation of new IP policy, which will help China to grow its economy. In the past thirty years, I frequently came to China and follow the development of Chinese IP community. What impressed me most is that Chinese government has formulated and implemented national IP strategy, which created a sound IP protection environment for both Chinese and foreign companies, " Danish Patent and Trademark Office Director General Jesper Kongstad told China Intellectual Property News in an interview during his visit to SIPO.

"I am also quite impressed with the high examination efficiency of SIPO, and that compared well with the best countries in the world today. In IP protection area, I admired that China has established IP courts in some regions, which is a measure that bearing milestone significance in IP area. I hope that both two sides could further step up IP cooperation and jointly solve the problems ahead of us," said Kongstad.

Now China is building itself into an IP power house, and strengthening IP use should be put into the vital place in this process. In his eyes, China fared well in use of IP. How to promote the SMEs to be more active in pursuing IP rights is a real issue. "Good protection of IPR can not only improve their business in China, but also at aboard. This is the area we have worked a lot within Denmark, and we will be very pleased to share with IP authorities in China. In a bid to help Chinese companies make full use of IPR and take part in international competition, I suggest that we could incorporate such item into our joint work program and step up cooperation between two sides," Kongstad adds.

Kongstad also made positive comments on the cooperation between the two offices. "Great achievements have been made since the agreement was signed. During the cooperation course, both the two sides learned from each other and improved the economic development of two countries. China and Denmark still have a long way to go to improve innovative capability, and there are still great possibilities for cooperation between two offices. We are determined to go on this way," said Kongstad.