Why Do Chinese Domestic Films Catch up from Behind in Terms of Ticket-office?

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In this summer, Chinese domestic film, representing with Monster Hunt, Pancake Man, Monkey King: Hero is Back, arouses again high film seeing interest in the summer vacation film market, and the Chinese domestic film catches up from behind in terms of ticket-office.

Production innovation wins a good reputation.

"The number of domestic films putting on in the summer vacation, have realized breakthrough on both box office and quality, which, on the one hand, own to their stronger competitiveness and ability to survive in the market, on the other hand, which respect the audience, the market, meet with the commercial law while no longer blindly pursue big scale of investment and big-budget production. The production focuses on the characteristics and content of the films, so the films win recognition of audience." Feng Jun, the senior analyst of entgroup.cn told reporters.

In fact, the innovation and breakthroughs on production, is surely the root cause that the domestic film is favored by audience. Monkey King: Hero is Back overcome the tendency of delivering infants and didactic lectures by plenty of domestic animation films, and on basis of Journey to the west from which is difficult to find another innovative point, Monkey King: Hero is Back constructs a story on return of hero that is suitable for seeing by both adults and children. Story Monster Hunt is a kind of rewriting of the original Chinese classical novel. Director Raman Hui, basing on his 26 years of working experience in the Hollywood DreamWorks Studios, adopts a completely new technique to show a demon world that is totally different with that in the traditional concept, and produces the film into a comedy movie that is suitable for people of all ages, which is also a more perfect combination of Chinese traditional culture and Hollywood's production philosophy. Under the environment that film and TV circles have attached great importance to the original intellectual property rights, such kind of thorough adaptation to the original novel in Monster Hunt, may be called developing a new method of its own.

"The production of these Chinese domestic films, in fact, is very different from big scale of magic production in Hollywood. These films, from the role setting, plot settings to realization of core values, all reflect the Chinese way of thinking and contain Chinese style of pursuing original culture. It is just relying on the production and innovation on basis of Chinese culture, can we make presence of a well-known works." Feng Jun said.

Copyright protection shall be strong

With the gradual improvement of China's film market, China's protection for the film copyrights has been gradually strengthened, and China has introduced a lot of laws and regulations and policies to protect film copyrights. From PRC's first Copyright Law in 1990, to the Regulations on Administration of Films in 2001, the film copyright protection is more elaborated, and then to Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Prosperity and Development of the Film Industry introduced by the State Council, which clearly put forward that illegal and criminal activities such as film smuggling and piracy etc shall be resolutely crack down, the intellectual property rights on protection of film shall be protected, furthermore, China's policy documents on the development of film industry have also repeatedly stressed the importance of copyright protection.

The industry insiders have pointed out, many Chinese domestic films, such as Monster Hunt , Pancake Man and Monkey King: Hero is Back, while put on in the cinemas, the film production party also increasingly pays attention to copyright protection, and actively explores how to provide protection on film and television works script writing, film and television screen, film and television distribution, copyright trading and derivative products development in all aspects of the film industry circle. Actually, in recent years, in order to achieve the purpose of copyright protection, the Chinese film industry, while try to protect the interests of film copyright owner through multiple channels of public show and network communications etc, also protect their interests through many other multiple platforms such as the Internet, wireless internet, in order to meet the copyright protection demand for the development of the film industry.

Huang Wei, associate research fellow at Development and Research Center of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of The People's Republic of China, said that, in recent years, along with the strengthening of the national fight against piracy and the promotion of national copyright awareness, the film derivatives products market will start to set up soon. The industry insiders pointed out, the development of Chinese film derivative products is still in a relatively weak stage, the sales of DVD, Blue Laser Disc, digital TV video on demand, online video on demand, pay movie channel authorization and peripheral products development etc, are still the direction of China's endeavor on development and protection for current film derivative products.