Two South Korean "ZooCoffee" Fall into Trademark Disputes in China

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Nowadays, the zoo-themed coffee shops from South Korea opened in various provinces and cities in China and became popular to consumers. However, few people know that for the South Korean "ZooCoffee", the coffee culture combined cute animals and coffee, there are two owners, and they have fallen disputes because of the ownership of"ZOO" trademark. Few days ago, a "ZOO" trademark owner Guangzhou Tae-young Catering Management Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou Tae-young company), accused franchisees of another "ZOO" trademark user Zhu Ka Fei Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. (Zhu Ka Fei company)  in Beijing, Guangzhou, Changsha and other places for trademark infringement in nearly 10 cases. It is reported that some of the cases already have been heard, but no result was claimed.

It is known that, "ZooCoffee" brand owned by the Zhu Ka Fei company which was founded in 2009 in South Korea, then "ZooCoffee" founders  sold the "ZooCoffee" brand to South Korea Tae-young Catering Company. Subsequently, South Korea Tae-young Catering Company enter the Chinese market in April 2013, and established the Guangzhou Tae-young company, then registered "ZOO" trademark in China.

After that, Guangzhou Tae Young Company found a number of "ZOO" coffees shops in Beijing, Guangzhou, Changsha and other places and then alleged to court for their trademark infringement.

Guangzhou Tae Young Company claimed, it had owned the No.6138880 trademark "ZOO", and the defendant did not identify "ZOO"trademark owner in advance and used "ZOO" trademark on food and beverage business activities, violating the rights and interests of Guangzhou Tae-young company.

It is konwn that all defendants are Zhu Ka Fei company's franchisees. The reporter called the Zhu Ka Fei company a few days ago, but the they refused to be interviewed for inconvenience. But the reporter found in the official microblog that the company had been preparing for Guangzhou Tae Young's lawsuit.

It is reported that, as of now, Changsha  has heard the case, and seven cases of trademark infringement in Beijing will soon be heard in the Beijing No.3 Intermediate People's Court.

This event is on progress, we will continue to follow the development of the case. 

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