The Dream of Developing Chinese Medicine

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"Due to the weakness in intellectual property awareness, our medicines were counterfeited at the beginning. With the help of the Chuxiong IP Office, we have learned to use the IP system to protect innovation." Li Jun, the general manager of Yunnan Chuxiong Tianli Medicine Co., LTD., (hereinafter referred to Tianli Medicine) introduced to the reporter the tangible benefits which intellectual properties brought to Tianli Medicine. Talking about his dreams, Li Jun told reporter without thinking,  to be able to contribute to the development of national medicine was his dream.

In recent years, Yunnan Province works harder to the national pharmaceutical industry. And Tianli Medicine went faster under the policy. Li Jun said: "In 2008, the company moved to Chuxiong Pharmaceutical Industrial Park from Luliang county.  The first-phase project of the company including 5 production lines of workshops of Chinese medicine extraction plant and other cephalosporins plant with a capacity of 2 billion tablets, 1 billion capsules, 200 million bottles of tinctures, 100 million bottles of mixtures a year, as well as the production capacity of pretreatment and extraction on 1000 tons Chinese medicine. Most importantly, Tianli Medicine has owned 23 varieties approved by the authority.

Today, Tianli Medicine has obtained seven patents. "Sandi" trademark was identified as the famous trademark of Yunnan Province in 2012. Among many pharmaceutical products by Yunnan ethnic groups, the Yi ethnic group medicine product "Happy safflower capsules" based on independent research and development of Tianli Medicine was successfully listed in the national medical insurance catalog. In this year, a patent developed by Tianli Medicine won the supports from Yunnan's project on the implementation of patents. Li Jun told reporters that the industrialization of innovation for enterprises could increase the value of 30 million Yuan.

"The development of national medicine cannot go without innovation. We have been trying to increase the research and development in promoting the national medicine, through which we expect to make a positive contribution on the research and development of Chinese medicine " Li Jun said.