China's New Patent Administrative Enforcement Measure to Come Effect

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Recently,SIPO's decision on revising patent administrative enforcement measures was examined and approved at the meeting. The newly revised measures were released on May 29, and come into effect from July 1.

The revision follows the principle of persisting in implementing the concept of rule of law, regulating enforcement and exerting full role of administrative enforcement to meet demand of exhibition and Internet development. And meanwhile, the revision is attempt to improve the measures on patent administrative enforcement starting on February 1, 2011.

As the rapid development of China's economic and social development, the technology and fierce market competition bring new problems on patent protection. A survey on cracking down IP infringement and counterfeiting goods says that China should beef up patent protection by strengthening and improving patent administrative enforcement. With the rise of exhibition economy, virtual economy and e-commerce, how to strengthen patent protection during the exhibition and in web environments has been a focus of attention in China.

In a bid to resolve outstanding issues on patent protection, and better guide local IP administrations to normalize patent administrative enforcement, SIPO starts to revise the measures on patent administrative enforcement. At the same time, the survey taken by NPC Standing Committee says that the main problems in group IPR infringement and repeated infringement should be solved by revising patent law and its implementation regulations. So SIPO just made a topical modification to the measures to implement the instructions of central government. As of now, the fourth revision of patent law is being actively promoted.