China Intellectual Property Rights Protection Center planned to operate in trial at the end of the year, the patent authorization period will hopefully be shortened for more than eighty percent

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In the past, applying for an invention patent would be taken the waiting period of two to three years to get the result. At the end of February this year, Nantong was approved to build the China (Nantong) IPR Protection Center. Until now, the infrastructure construction has been completed and is conducting furniture and informational equipment instalment and personnel training. Approximately, the trial operation will start from the end of this year. 

Fast examination and fast confirmation of rights are one of the core services of China (Nantong) IPR Protection Center. As the related director of the Center introduced, the center will provide the fast pre-examination service of all patent types in the industrial field including modern spin and intellectual equipment etc. In order to assist the enterprises in solving a series of issues in the application process beforehand, and improve the patent application quality and examination efficiency specifically. The average authorization period can be shortened for more than eighty percent compared to the typical approaches. It will play a positive role in assisting enterprises in seizing technological highland and market opportunities. The center will also provide fast rights confirmation service including patent invalidation announcement, patent re-examination and issue patent evaluation report. It will accelerate the case handling progress and decrease the input of enterprises’ in the case.

Source: China IP Today