Chinese enterprises trademark amount Top 20 released: Tencent at the top with 18,000

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In November 2020, Qichacha released the “Chinese enterprises trademark Top 20” and summarized the leading enterprises in China’s trademark amount during the last five years.

First, from the trademark registration amount, Tencent occupies the first place with the amount of 18,000, Alibaba is the second with 12,000, and and Baidu are the third and fourth. It shows that Internet enterprises occupy nearly half of the list.

Two animation companies, which are Alpha entertainment and CCTV animation, also listed among the top. Moreover, enterprises including Yili, Geely, Xiaomi, and VIVO, are also on the list.

Second, in the Top 20 trademark registration list, Qichacha’s data shows that Tencent is at the top with the registration amount of 24,000, which is twice the amount of Alibaba (15,000). Huawei is in fifth place on the list.

Regarding the registration amount and application amount, Alpha entertainment and CCTV animation have an outstanding performance; both have exceeded 90%. Moreover, Qichacha releases statistics towards individual trademark categories:

In the “Education and entertainment” trademark category Top 20, Qichacha’s data shows that Game company “The 4399” list at the top with the trademark registration amount of 3429, and game companies including Shengqu Games, Netease, and 37 Interactive Entertainment are also on the list.

In the alcohol trademark category Top 20, Luzhou Laojiao is on the top, Yanghe and Swellfun are on the second and third place.

In the “Transportation vehicles” trademark category Top 20 enterprises, Geely and Hengda New Energy are on the top.

In the “Real estate and renovation” trademark category Top 20, Rongchuang, Hengda, and Longhu are list as the Top 3 among Real estate enterprises.

Source: China IP Today