Chinese Patent Application Filings Jump Almost 33% in November 2020 Month-on-Month

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China IP Law Update———————————

According to statistics released December 18, 2020, November 2020 Chinese invention patent applications filings jumped 32.7% versus October 2020.  Similarly, utility model patent applications filings were up 28%.  The number of cumulative invention patent applications filings in 2020 already exceed last year’s total filings and will make up for last year’s 9% drop in filings.

Cumulative filings for invention patents applications through November 2020 was 1,402,698 versus 1,237,722 filings through November 2019.  Cumulative filings for utility model applications through November 2020 was 2,726,211 versus 2,011,825 filings through November 2019.  Cumulatively, foreigners filed 9.9% of invention patent applications so far this year and 0.3% of utility model applications, an often overlooked intellectual property right.

Cumulatively through November 2020, there were 470,248 invention in patents granted, with foreigners receiving 17.3% of the granted patents despite only filing 9.9% of the invention patent applications.  Cumulatively, there were 2,152,185 utility models granted, with foreigners receiving 0.4% of the grants.

Additional detailed data is available here (Chinese only).


Source: China IP Law Update