Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court Newly Received Various Patent Cases 6,905 pieces in 2020

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It was learned from the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court on January 7th that in 2020, the Court newly received 6,905 pieces of patent cases of various types, and the total amount of newly received patent cases reached 1.85 billion yuan.

According to Li Chisen, vice president of the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court, in 2020, newly received patent cases of various types accounted for 50.26% of the total number of cases accepted by the Court, and 4,526 cases were concluded. Among the newly accepted patent cases, there were:

  • 551 invention patent cases, accounting for 7.97%;

  • 1,323 utility model cases for 19.16%;

  • 4,881 design cases, accounting for 70.68%;

  • 150 other patent cases for 2.19%.


It is worth noting that Li Chisen stated that the Court has strengthened the preferential construction of international intellectual property dispute resolution, and handled 382 various foreign, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan intellectual property disputes throughout the year.

It is understood that the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court has improved judicial protection of emerging industries, key areas, important products, and key core technologies. In 2020, it has appropriately handled a batch of cases involving mobile communications, AR technology, drones, biomedicine, and autonomous driving, and other major cases in the frontier fields of science and technology.


On January 7th, the Court also released Top Ten Typical Cases of service and technological innovation guarantee. The cases released this time are mainly patent dispute cases. The technologies involved in the Top Ten Typical Cases include household appliances, communications, chemicals, photovoltaics, artificial intelligence, environmental protection technology and software development, and new plant varieties.

Source: China IP Today