Successful "Overseas Intellectual Property Strategy and Dispute Resolution" Training Seminar Attracts Diverse Participation



Congratulations to the success of holding the seminar "Overseas Intellectual Property Strategy and Dispute Resolution" on March 16, 2024 in Shenzhen with our international collaborators from Germany(Ms. Leni JIN from von Bulow & Tamada), Hong Kong(Mr. Chunrong LI from Fortune U IP) and Japan(Mr. Jian SUN and CHIGASAKI Shigeki from TRY International IP Law Firm), and also thanks for the full support from Shenzhen Intellectual Property Administration and Shenzhen Cross-Border E-Commerce Association.


Our aim to hold the event is to enhance the knowledge about intellectual property (IP) rights in the cross-border e-commerce for the Chinese enterprises. It’s our honor to invite about 80 attendees who are professionals from various backgrounds, including peers and representatives from diverse enterprises.


In the event, expert speakers delivered insightful presentations covering diverse subjects such as German exhibition-related IP issues, the intricacies of Japan's IP system, internet evidence-gathering, and notable IP litigation cases from the United States. The inclusion of speakers from different jurisdictions not only broadened the attendees' understanding of international IP practices but also facilitated the exchange of invaluable insights and strategies for effectively managing IP portfolios across borders.


"We are delighted with the overwhelming response to the seminar," remarked Steven Lin, managing partner at Borsam Intellectual Property who is the speaker of “Challenge and Opportunity of the intellectual property in Cross-border E-commerce. He said, Chinese enterprises face numerous intellectual property risks in cross-border trade, stemming not only from differences in IP systems across jurisdictions but also from China's relatively short history of intellectual property development. Chinese companies need to enhance their awareness of intellectual property rights to better succeed in cross-border business activities.”


Throughout the event, active engagement was observed, with attendees posing numerous insightful questions during interactive sessions. The enthusiastic participation reflected the attendees' eagerness to deepen their understanding and address specific challenges related to intellectual property.


Building upon the success of this seminar, we are pleased to announce the upcoming event scheduled for March 23 in Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian province and another powerhouse of China’s foreign trade business. Anticipation is high for another enriching gathering, where participants can continue to expand their knowledge and foster meaningful connections within the intellectual property community.