In Shock, one month to have a Chinese trademark registration?

Borsam IP
“When I first saw the publication of a trademark named ‘长生鸟fenix’, I was really in shock. I had never seen a trademark can be published in such a short time in my career”, Jessie Chan said, a trademark lawyer in our team.
The trademark mentioned by Jessie was filed on February 14, 2020 and published on March 6, 2020, only took 22 days to complete the examination. Comparing with the average examination time of a regular Chinese trademark application, though CNIPA announced last year that the examination time is expected to reduce within 6 months, it is really faster than ever before.


Why this trademark takes such a short time to finish the examination?
The Covid-19, for a start. As we both know, China is experiencing a spread of virus since this January, all of the Chinese are required to stay at home and most of the companies are shut down, we are also facing a serious shortage of various of protection equipment. In February, the government announced to support a comeback to resume work. Hence, a national policy issued as a milestone in this battle to support those may alleviate aload of epidemic prevention works, including the green channel for trademark registrations who meet the following requirements.
1. An individual, a corporation or other organizations engaged in the production, operation or providing related medical and health services that are concerning the epidemic prevention and control; and
2. The designated goods and/or services of the trademark application are directly related to the epidemic prevention, such as medical masks, protective clothing, goggles for medical use, medicine and medical services; and
3. A request for acceleration of examination to the trademark application along with documentation issued by the related department to show its qualification to produce or sell the product or provide services concerning epidemic prevention works.
It could explain why a trademark application takes such a short time to finish the trademark examination. Although the trademark application for “长生鸟fenix” has passed the examination, it is still in the three-month opposition period, so it is impossible to get a trademark in China within one month at present.