Patents Contribute to Chinese High-speed Rail

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On June 18th, China and Russia signed a contract about reconnaissance of high-speed rail from Kazan to Moscow. As a big international contract, it shows the appreciation to Chinese standard of the world. Industry experts believe that, Chinese high-speed rail made itself a good prospect by innovation and intellectual property in the last decade.

Before that, CRRC Corporation Limited (hereafter as CRRC) was established through combination by China Southern Locomotive and China Northern Locomotive. CRRC will manage its patents and trademarks uniformly, and help Chinese high-speed rail going to the whole world.

As the backbone of Chinese high-speed rail, CRRC has an obvious advantage in IP. For the past few years, China Southern Locomotive submitted nearly 4,000 applications for patents, while China Northern Locomotive submitted over 1,000. The advantage in IP helped Chinese high-speed rail on its special features of "created in China".

Actually, as a scaleplate of the level of equipment manufacturing industry, high-speed rail is a main field in which the world's equipment manufacturing companies compete. Industry experts believe that, Chinese high-speed rail must accumulate more and better IP to improve its global influence.

In recent years, Chinese high-speed rail enterprises like CRRC are rising sharply. They are going abroad with the mark of "created in China", and promoting China becoming a powerful manufacturing country.