Alibaba and Zhejiang Copyright Administration launched the first online copyright confirmation service office in China

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Until now, copyright registration agencies have been in the traditional offline mode, with businesses taking three to five months from preparing materials to getting a certificate. However, in the Internet era, an innovative product may face the risk of being plagiarized as soon as it is launched. When the copyright registration is confirmed, the life cycle of the product has passed, and the original merchants are faced with the situation of difficult in innovation, slow in confirmation, cost high and challenging to protect the rights.

In order to solve this pain point in the industry, Zhejiang Copyright Administration Alibaba Service Office launched by Alibaba's intellectual property service market. With the help of the innovative technological model, the registration of copyright confirmation can be realized with one click online. The average time to issue a copyright registration certificate, which takes about four months, has been shortened to the current average of three to seven days.

Some insiders believe that the copyright service office like this not only eliminates the time for merchants to run errands in preparing various materials but also effectively protects the innovation of enterprises and merchants, enhances the development space of enterprises, and contributes to the recovery and development of China's economy.