Brief introduction of litigation service

Katherine HE——————
Borsam IP

With the development of society and the strengthening of peoples legal consciousness, the company and investor are facing more and more disputes on Trademark and Patent matters. In recent years, you may see many such hot cases, such as, the patent disputes between Apple and Samsung, the trademark dispute of New balance and Michael Jordon.

And also, you may know, in a patent infringement case, it is required that the lawyer has double background who can fully understand the technology and also know well about the existing law. To better serve the existing client of Borsam, we established a law firm in 2011 lead by the founder partner of Borsam who is a qualified lawyer and Patent attorney having rich practical experience to provide tailored legal solutions referring to specific needs of the clients. In the past years, our law firm mainly focuses on IPR infringement cases in Mainland China and gets a good reputation in the client.
We offer the client different sets of protection strategy for their intellectual property, and also our legal opinion steps by steps to minimize the cost input of the client. We hope and are trying to help the client to use their IPR as a weapon to protect themselves rather than a decoration without any value.