Filing record request for standard patent application in Hong Kong
Filing grant request for standard patent application in Hong Kong
Filing short-term patent application
Filing of industrial design application in Hong Kong
Filing of trademark application in Hong Kong
Recording transfer for trademark application/registration
Recording transfer for patent application/registration
Paying maintain fee for pending standard patent application
Paying renewal fee for standard patent
Request to renewal for an industrial design
Request to withdraw kinds of application
Request to cancel a trademark registration
Request to reduce the goods/services items for a trademark application
Request to reissue a trademark certificate
Request to issue a certified copy of an international trademark application
Filing request for trademark invalidation
Filing an appeal for trademark review
Filing appeal for trademark review of refusal for international trademark application designating China
Filing appeal for trademark review of refusal for national trademark application
Filing request of revoking continuously three years non-use trademark registration
Filing request of opposition for an international trademark application with designating China
Filing request of opposition for a Chinese national trademark application
Request to record a license
Request to change of agency
Request to change of name/address
Respond to rectification notification
Trademark search
Investigation on IP Infringement and counterfeiting
Consultation on IP matters
Drafting IP related Contracts
Drafting/Sending Cease and Desist Letters
IP Infringement Litigation
Litigation against decision of the PRB or TRAB
IP Infringement Administrative Enforcement
Border IPR Protection before China Customs
Litigation on dispute of IP Rights
Computer software registration
Copyright registration
Trademark registration
Payment for annual fee
Non-infringement opinion
Patent License
Patent Search
Patent invalidation
Filing of PPH request
Initiative amendment for patent applications
Responding to a rectification notification
Patent Re-examination
Responding an office action
Design patent application in China
Conventional patent application in China
National phase/stage entering application of PCT international application